Accreditation of
PfB GmbH & Co. test centre for construction elements KG

At PfB Rosenheim, we place great emphasis on professional competence, reliability, independence and integrity. Our services are not only subject to our own evaluation, but are also verified through independent accreditation processes. These processes ensure compliance with strict national and international standards.

PfB Rosenheim’s accreditation is carried out by the renowned German Accreditation Society (DAkkS). This assessment can be regarded as an official audit of the testing bodies. Regular monitoring by the DAkkS ensures continuous operational quality at the highest level.

In addition to accreditation, we are proud to hold recognitions according to national and European specifications. Our notification as a testing, inspection and certification body (PÜZ) was awarded by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

Our recognitions and accreditations are not only local, but have international standing. We offer coordinated testing and monitoring that facilitates market access in different countries. You can rest assured that our services are recognised worldwide.

Trust the tested quality of PfB Rosenheim to support your projects. Our overview contains current accreditation and recognition certificates (issued by DIBt and DAkkS) with the specific areas of application. We are ready to assist you in achieving your goals and accessing international markets.