New Head of Certification Centre (CE) – Peter Liechti, introduces himself!

Peter Liechti

I, Peter Liechti, am delighted to be part of the PfB team since January 2023. As the new head of the certification body, I am taking on the challenge of further developing PfBcert together with Frank Duscha (head of the LBO certification body). Together with DMT and TÜV NORD CERT, I look forward to utilising the synergy potential in the area of certification and monitoring.

After training as a qualified technician in Biel, I was able to set up a door division in an SME and developed fire protection, burglary protection, sound insulation and exterior doors, among other things.

Since January 2019, I have been managing director of Tiger GmbH, which I founded myself (building surveys, inspections, training in the field of doors), and as a surveyor and expert for doors and windows, I work at grassroots level and in practice. This is where I benefit from the experience I have gained over the last 20 years in the development of functional doors. This enables me to provide an impartial voice.

As Head of Inspection and Head of Certification at SIPIZ AG (Swiss Institute for Testing, Inspection and Certification), I am on the ball when it comes to the application and implementation of EN 16034 and EN 14351 in companies.

Seit Januar 2023 bin ich beim PfB – Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente in Rosenheim als Leiter der akkreditierten und notifizierten Produktzertifizierungsstelle nach der EN 17065 tätig.
Dank den 10 Zertifizierungsprogrammen im freiwilligen Bereich und im Bereich der EU-BauPVO (Bau-Produktverordnung) sind wir im PfB in der Lage, Ihnen im Bereich der Türen, Fenster und Beschläge Lösungen zu bieten.
Als Leiter der Zertifizierungsstelle werde ich sicherstellen, dass Hersteller von Bauprodukten ihre Prüf-, Überwachungs- und Zertifizierungsleistungen von kompetenten und engagierten Mitarbeitern der PfBcert zu Ihrer Zufriedenheit erhalten.

Since January 2023, I have been working at PfB – Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente in Rosenheim as head of the accredited and notified product certification body in accordance with EN 17065.
Thanks to the 10 certification programmes in the voluntary area and in the area of the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR), we at PfB are able to offer you solutions in the area of doors, windows and fittings.
As head of the certification body, I will ensure that manufacturers of construction products receive their testing, surveillance and certification services from competent and committed PfBcert employees to your satisfaction.