Smoke protection

With the publication in the European Official Journal, the product standard EN 16034 “Windows, doors and gates – with fire and/or smoke protection properties” was harmonised. Since coming into force on 1 November 2016, CE marking of these products is possible. During the coexistence phase from 1 November 2016 to 1 November 2019, the European procedure (CE marking) in connection with the respective product standard (EN 14351-1 for windows and external doors, EN 13241 for doors) is permissible in addition to the national approval procedure with proof of usability (general building authority test certificate).

After expiry of the coexistence phase, only the European procedure is permissible.

In addition to the test certificates according to EN 16034, certification by a notified product certification body is required.

It has been known for years that smoke causes more damage and claims lives than direct exposure to flames. Since the demand for smoke protection doors is increasing in addition to doors, the PfB is optimally equipped with the smoke protection test stand’s size of 6 x 8 m, which is unique in Europe.

Relevant standards:

National test standard(s):

DIN 18095-1 “Smoke control doors – Definitions and requirements”.

DIN 18095-2 “Smoke control doors – Type testing of long-term functionality and tightness”.

Classification standard(s):

DIN 18095-3 “Smoke control doors – Application of test results”.

DIN 4102-18:1991-03 “Fire behaviour of building materials and components – Fire protection closures – Verification of the property “self-closing” Permanent function test)”.

In the case of European approval procedures, DIN EN 16034 with the test standards listed therein, DIN EN 1191 for long-term function testing and DIN EN 1634-3 for smoke tightness testing, must be used. Corresponding national standards are then no longer approved.


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