Tension / compression

The PfB offers the possibility to test specific building elements or components of building elements
with regard to their load capacity.
On the one hand, the tests are necessary in order to be able to provide evidence for static
calculations (structural engineer) and on the other hand to have a statement on the load capacity
of critical components of a building element in advance for planning.


Examples of tension/compression tests:

  • Mullion/transom connections with regard to their load-bearing capacity for wind load or falling down.
  • Static brackets of roller shutter boxes with regard to their strength against wind load
  • Pull-out strength of screw connections in different materials
  • Flexural strength of roller shutter boxes
  • Strength of fastening lugs or brackets in different materials
  • Pull-out strength of strike plate in frame profiles
  • Strength of wedge connections tongue and groove boards
  • Strength of glazing rebate on window sashes

All load curves (force/distance diagram) are recorded. The test results contain statements about the maximum and minimum value, the mean value, the standard deviation and the statistical value with 75% confidence level at 5% probability of failure.

Further tension/compression tests are possible on request.

Testing the tensile strength of the glass rebate on window sashes

Prüfung der Zugfestigkeit des Glasfalzes an Fensterflügeln
Prüfung der Zugfestigkeit des Glasfalzes an Fensterflügeln


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