For the manufacturer, durability means ensuring the durability of his product for an economically reasonable service life through a suitable choice of materials, including paints, and components with regular professional maintenance and care. A service life of 20-30 years is assumed for windows and exterior doors. The manufacturer must provide information on maintenance and replacement of parts.


The durability of certain properties must be ensured as follows:

  • Water tightness and air permeability.

The durability of these properties depends mainly on the seals as well as the fittings, which must be replaceable.

  • Thermal transmittance

The durability of this property is mainly related to the long-term performance of the glazing. Glass that meets the requirements of the standards specified in Annex C of DIN EN 14351-1:2016-12 shall be deemed to meet the durability requirements.

  • Ability to release (only for locked doors on escape routes).

The durability of this property shall be ensured by compliance with 4.10.


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