Masonry connections

For the static verification of the resistance of fastening systems against falling in accordance with the ETB guideline "Components that secure against falling", the transverse tensile strengths of masonry anchor systems in different masonry systems must be determined.

The verifications are always specific to the tested system wall anchor / wall and cannot be transferred to alternative systems without further ado.



Excerpt of the tests offered by the PfB

Standard/Guideline description
ETB-Guideline Building components that protect against falling


Test procedure:

When carrying out the tests, the corresponding masonry walls with soffit openings are bricked up in test frames and wall anchor systems are installed in the soffits according to the installation guidelines. The tension elements of the transverse tension device are fixed to the screw shank of the anchor systems. Via the transverse tension device, the force is applied parallel to the masonry reveal (load direction) until failure.

All load curves (force/displacement diagram) are recorded. The test results contain statements about the maximum and minimum value, the mean value, the standard deviation and the statistical value with 75% confidence at 5% probability of failure.

Testing of masonry and connections is available on request.

Testing of transverse tensile strength on masonry anchors.

Prüfung von Querzugsfestigkeit an Mauerankern
Prüfung von Querzugsfestigkeit an Mauerankern


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